Monday, 26 August 2013

The First Step

I have been overwhelmed by the sheer volume (and therefore mess due to lack of space) of craft supplies in my craft room. Even my friend and fellow craft/hoarder who came visiting last week (you know who you are!) was shocked at the state of it - and was so kind and sweet enough to offer her help to start to put order this morning. So Susan's post this morning, As Loose as it Gets, made me smile and wish that she could come over and put order too.

My drawers and shelves around my work space were FULL, yet they were not the items I was using! In fact, I had taken over a whole other table with supplies I am currently using. So I decided that radical action was needed:  I have taken out EVERYTHING from my small craft space!

Could you believe that all of this was in my small room (1.5 m x 2.5m)?

There was no an inch of space and so it had not been cleaned in ages. So after a good scrub it looks like this:

I have decided that I must empty ALL the drawers and I'm going to start from scratch and start putting in things that I am using now. What doesn't fit is going to have to go!! It's all rather daunting, but hope to get there step by step!


  1. You can do it!!! At one point, my stash looked similar to yours, and now it's so trim and useful. I bet you find yourself getting even more creative with less stuff. At least, I felt that way!

    Soldier on!

    1. Thanks! I need all the encouragement, prodding, pushing and shoving I can get!

  2. Wow, seeing ur stuff inspires me to collect some more supplies. I am sure u can reorganize and find some things that were left out and create more awesome cards from them :)

  3. The craft area truly shows how you have been so busy creating----it's called "GENIUS AT WORK"!! Good luck on re-organizing. Janet! I know you are going to LOVE the place even more! Hope you share the "after-photo"!

  4. Ooh, you're inspiring me! I used to do that once a year (clean everything out), but it's been a long time (and it's time!) Good luck - can't wait to see the after photo!

  5. oh wow! good luck with all the sorting! it's going to be SO GREAT!!! I can't wait to have my veranda closed to do the same thing here!! if ever you need help you can give me a shout, I love organising ; )


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