Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Holding on ... and the glimmer of hope

It's time to batten down the hatches! We are about to be hit by a cyclone ... most probably by tomorrow. Cyclone Berguitta has continued to intensify and is now an intense tropical cyclone. A very dangerous cyclone is coming our way with gusts up to 250km/hr and it's continuing to strenthen.

A direct hit over Mauritius (the island closest to the cyclone in the satellite image) and Reunion is very much on the cards now. We are in Class 2 warning already, but they are issuing Class 3 warning at 4:00am tomorrow morning (17 January).
We've had deluges of rain every day this year (not had much sun at all!). That has made the ground very soggy and could result in so much more damage.

We can hold on to a glimmer of hope ... and the play in the CASology Glimmer Challenge. I took the meaning of glimmer to be "faint shine".

I found this amazing glitter card stock at my local book/stationery store just before Christmas - the glitter is so fine AND it does not come off at all. In fact, the shimmer is so fine it should be called Glimmer card stock. A miracle - glimmer without finding glitter everywhere.

So I knew I would be using it for this challenge.

I love this Simon Says Stamp die ... so delicate. 

And a close up of that amazing glimmer ...

I did another in the pinks, but so hard to capture the true colours ...

Come on over and get more inspiration from our gifted design team ...

Tuesday, 9 January 2018


Come and play in the CASology challenge where the cue word is HUG this week.

Have you hugged someone today? There are so many benefits to hugging. You can even send one in the post. I'll be sending this one to my mother.

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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Bloom where you are planted ...

Our CASology Challenge opens this year with the wonderful word cue of Encourage. What a good way to start the year.

Like a flower that grows through a crack in the concrete, sometimes we have to make the best of our situations and bloom where we have been planted. We may not like where we are, but we can find joy in each day by being grateful for what we do have, and share our gifts to those around us.

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New Beginnings

I want to thank you all for your kind words of support over the past year. Every one is greatly appreciated. And now ... A very Happy New Year to you all. 365 new days ... 365 new chances. May we create something new every day.

"And now we welcome the New Year,
full of things that have never been."
                               Rainer Maria Rilke

How about starting something new this year?

Have you been dreaming of designing clean and simple cards for CASology?  Now's your chance to apply for the team!  It's been a while since they've had a design team call and there are two positions to fill as we head into 2018!

Pop on over to CASology blog post for the details.

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