Wednesday 29 September 2010

Thank You

I love the Week of Gratitude and card inspirations that Susan (starting here) and Mary (starting here) are doing. (You will need to remove the date section of the address to see the more recent pages.) We all need to acknowledge those in our life who have helped us in the myriad of ways that enrich our lives . . . help, support, laughter, gifts, comfort, advice, inspiration, friendship, encouragement . . . to name a few.

I want to thank Nancy (here) for her lovely Sept CCC card and generous gift of goodies. I loved her rich colour combinations on her card and on the extra distressed, inked card that she sent along. Look at that lovely perfect pearl Starburst Lace stamped shimmer! I added a collage of black stamped images and mounted it on kraft card, adding the message and butterfly.

And so thanks for the colour inspiration for my entry to Susan's Simplicity OLW (One Layer Wednesday) challenge (here)

PS. And thank you Nancy for your snazzy flickr button that you designed, and let me use!

Monday 27 September 2010

Passed the nth Hour

Well as I expected, I dithered and found a lot of other things to do today instead of cleaning my studio . . . important things like getting some sun, doing some suduko, learning what zumba is (the new latino dance aerobic craze), getting caught in watching extraordinary people . . . and it was only the fact that I said I would post a photo that got me in there . . . close to dinner time. Which is why I am still up at 1:47 am! And of course I just had to make a card after all that effort . . . inspired by the colours of Jillian Foster's card on day 3 of her challenge this past week. (See here)

At least you can see the desk top now! (Of course there is artful photography just getting the clean bits!)

Even cleaned up the other tables!

The question now remains "How long will it stay like that?"!!!

Sunday 26 September 2010


I've off to tidy my studio today - yuck! but I've been avoiding going in there since getting back from UK and I can't create until it's done! (Well I CAN if I just start making mess somewhere else but I think I've spread over such a large area - 3 tables - that I'd better nip this rampant disorder in the bud . . . oh no, it's actually way passed bud phase - it's blooming!)

Maybe I need a little sun first . . . . . it's such a beautiful day here!

Here are photos taken in Dec (but it's pretty much the same again) to show the "damage" and I challenge myself to send you photos of the state this evening!

My place (my mess shouldn't extend past this space!)

But I've overflowed to TWO tables like this  . . .

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