Tuesday 5 September 2023

Goodbye to my Gracious Gentleman

It has been 5 months since I've had to say goodbye to my husband, my gracious gentleman. He is deeply missed and his parting has left a great void in our lives.

I have hesitated whether to share this online as he was such a private person, but a life so beautifully lived deserves to be remembered and honoured.

Charles Henri Jean Lartigue Ribet 
7 November 1959 - 5 April 2023

My eulogy to Jano ...

It is difficult to condense a life into a few words but Jano was a quiet man, a man who listened, a man who chose his words carefully and used them sparely. On the day that I married him, I said that he was such a gentleman – maybe too much of a gentleman. Yet in all the years since then, he has not wavered once in the courage, control, consistency and strength of character it takes to be a gentleman.

I would like thank Tracy to turning my thoughts and sentiments into this beautiful poem for Jano.

Our Gentleman

We say goodbye to a great man today.
A man of courage and strength and the deepest humility.
A man of patience and generosity and the greatest integrity, 
Jano was a good man, a rare, true gentleman, a man of light, 
A man of peace, a man of calm, a man of grace.

We say goodbye to a great family man today.
A man who prayed over his sleeping children.
A man of consistency who’s love never wavered. 
Jano was a beloved husband, a treasured father, 
A cherished brother, uncle, godfather and son,
A protector, a provider and a man deeply loved.

We say goodbye to a favourite friend and colleague today.
A man of discretion and discipline and absolute trust.
A man of patience and dignity and a wondrous sense of humour. 
Jano was a loyal friend, an admired and respected colleague,
A man of honesty, a man of joy, a man with a plan.

We say goodbye to Jano today.
We'll miss him sitting, relaxed in his chair
As he wrapped his wings around those he loved. 
We’ll miss the feeling of safety and comfort
As he fully embraced every moment shared.
We’ll miss the kindness, love and generosity
But will honour him by spreading some of the same.

Find yourself in peace dearest Jano 
You have run the good race
You have been the faithful servant and lived a life in love.
God’s grace and mercy are yours. 
Be now at rest. 

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