Sunday, 26 September 2010


I've off to tidy my studio today - yuck! but I've been avoiding going in there since getting back from UK and I can't create until it's done! (Well I CAN if I just start making mess somewhere else but I think I've spread over such a large area - 3 tables - that I'd better nip this rampant disorder in the bud . . . oh no, it's actually way passed bud phase - it's blooming!)

Maybe I need a little sun first . . . . . it's such a beautiful day here!

Here are photos taken in Dec (but it's pretty much the same again) to show the "damage" and I challenge myself to send you photos of the state this evening!

My place (my mess shouldn't extend past this space!)

But I've overflowed to TWO tables like this  . . .


  1. Mmmm! Yes I agree...a bit messy...but then we all go through this...mine doesn't look any better!!

  2. Janet its pretty disgusting, but you are still blessed with YOUR OWN SPACE.... which is more than I can boast! To be honest I have the smae sort of 'look' going on in the sitting room! Good luck with the tidying. Will be coming on the 9th. Keep smiling.. Bron


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