Monday, 27 September 2010

Passed the nth Hour

Well as I expected, I dithered and found a lot of other things to do today instead of cleaning my studio . . . important things like getting some sun, doing some suduko, learning what zumba is (the new latino dance aerobic craze), getting caught in watching extraordinary people . . . and it was only the fact that I said I would post a photo that got me in there . . . close to dinner time. Which is why I am still up at 1:47 am! And of course I just had to make a card after all that effort . . . inspired by the colours of Jillian Foster's card on day 3 of her challenge this past week. (See here)

At least you can see the desk top now! (Of course there is artful photography just getting the clean bits!)

Even cleaned up the other tables!

The question now remains "How long will it stay like that?"!!!


  1. excellent janet.... well done. can recognize the room ? are you sure it's the same one !!!

  2. Now..that's what I call organized. Good going lady...luv the card too.

  3. Wow you DID do a great job! I wouldn't be brave enough to take a photo of my space when it is in its very messy state!! And you made a beautiful card too- it's gone into my faves! TFS!

  4. Your card is just beautiful! Love how you used the colors! And wow- your studio looks organized- everything right there at your fingertips! Such a pleasure to visit your blog!! HUGS!

  5. I just came across your site after checking out cards at OLW35. The picture of your messy worktable caught my eye, so of course I had to look closer and then saw the "cleaned up" desk. Hopefully it won't stay that way long because "cleaned up" is UNPRODUCTIVE!


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