Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Ink Storage

The first thing I'm organising are my inks. I need to have my inks within easy reach, preferably within arm's length. My Distress Inks are right in front of me and I stack them in colour columns. There have been a lot of posts about labeling them, but you can see that I have the left side inked by direct pad to paper technique, and the right side sponged on with the name written.

My Hero Arts inks have grown in number this past year, and I found that they do not stack as well - a lot of slipping and sliding, toppling and chaos! And I haven't labeled them so I'm always digging for the right colour.

It's a pity I threw away all my tape cassette storage boxes as I have seen they are a pretty good fit. But lucky me, I have a Silhouette. And so have been cutting and sticking their ink storage boxes this afternoon and evening - once I start, I like to finish - a little OCD?!

I am so happy - all lined up and in place!

The design comes with a little drawer with circle handle which makes taking them out a breeze. I inked up 1¼" circles with the corresponding ink using the direct pad to paper technique. I haven't decided whether to label them too - I'll sleep on it.

All my ducks inks all in a row!

While cutting out the boxes, I filled the empty spaces with border designs, butterflies, tabs and colour appropriate images. I was using the 12x24" cutting mat which saved a lot of loading time.

 I've got a whole lot of shapes ready to go.

Now I've just got to figure how I'm going to store my Memento inks (I have the little Dew Drop ones). Any ideas?

Room status at end of Day1 : Craft sheet taped down on table; Paper storage boxes back in white shelves; plastic drawers cleaned and back in place - but still all empty; Polka dot boxes back in place; Distress Inks and Hero Arts Inks in order! O boy what a long way to go!


  1. Great idea Janet!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the end result, really looks great andall that pre cut stuff so nothing was wasted, brilliant. Wish i was as organised :)

  3. Looks like you are gonna' have one rockin' craft space when you are finished, Janet! I love all the extra goodies you were able to cut. How do you store them to know what you have?


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