Wednesday 9 April 2014

Keeping track of Challenges

I am really trying to live a simpler, saner life as I find that I spend way too much time looking at blogs and challenges and so little time creating. Or creating to ridiculous times in the night ... like until 2 or 3am. So I've been perpetually tired and ended up really sick.

Having just spent 10 days in bed (4 in hospital) with a really bad bronchitis, I've had my clock reset. I don't want to end up crafting so late at night, so I've set myself a new rule .... only to look at challenges if I have time to make the card or layout! It will take a weight off my mind - one less thing on my TO DO list, and not having that "what am I going to create for that challenge" hovering in mind for days ... and then missing the deadline anyway!

I have tried to keep track of challenges in a number of ways in the past, but this is what works for me at the moment. A one page document, with the links set up, organised by monthly, bi-monthly and weekly challenges with start and duration of each challenge. I have pinned up a copy on my studio wall too. This means that if I find myself with some crafting time on a Wednesday, I can just click on any link that would be within the challenge deadlines.

If anyone wants a copy of this (in Word or PDF format, with the links), just email me and I'll send it on.

I hope to make it into my studio today ... and make one card. :)


  1. Seriously thinking of starting a blog, so anything thatcan help will be totally appreciated. If you could send me a copy to thatwould be so appreciated.

  2. Janet, I'm so glad that you are okay and you are so smart to reset! Crafting should be relaxing not stressful (I have to remind myself of that often). Thanks for the awesome idea on the calendar! Love it!

  3. I think this is a great idea - just two little comments - 1) you're missing Muse on Monday, and 2) CAS-ual Fridays is now monthly. :-)

  4. Hi Janet, nice to see your post and know that you're doing better! A spreadsheet to keep track of challenges, wow that's organization!!!

  5. Hello Janet! I sure hope you are on the med! That must have been rough to be sick this long! I am pleasantly surprised to see V. V. Challenge on your list (yay)! What a great idea to do this and share with your followers! Thank you!

  6. Hello Janet,
    I'm happy to hear you are felling better, no fun being sick xoxo
    Thank you so much for your challenge grid, I have printed it and will use it. I had my own list, but like yours so much. Also like your idea of only looking at the challenges when you have the time to make a card, I'm going to try this.
    Happy Stamping - Lucille :)

  7. Hi Janet - I am glad to read that you are feeling better. I think we all struggle with the addictiveness of blogging and participating in least I do..... I wanted to scale it down, but was not successful. I love your challenge list. I usually just write myself one out for the week if I need to and then try to participate in whatever appeals to me at the moment. I'd like your list - so much better organized.....
    I hope you'll get all back to normal and I for sure always enjoy looking at your beautiful cards! Hugs, Cornelia

  8. I'm so glad you're feeling better, Janet! I know you've been through a lot, and organizing all these challenges and blogs is a great way to get on track! (I also stay up very late and surf the blogs way too much!)

    Thanks for offering to share your chart...I play in a few different challenges, so I'm going to create a chart just like yours for myself...Thanks!


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