Tuesday, 16 January 2018

A glimmer ...

We can hold on to a glimmer of hope - or celebrate with a little shimmer ... and the play in the CASology Glimmer ChallengeI took the meaning of glimmer to be "faint shine".

I found this amazing glitter card stock at my local book/stationery store just before Christmas - the glitter is so fine AND it does not come off at all. In fact, the shimmer is so fine it should be called Glimmer card stock. A miracle - glimmer without finding glitter everywhere.

So I knew I would be using it for this challenge.

I love this Simon Says Stamp die ... so delicate. 

And a close up of that amazing glimmer ...

I did another in the pinks, but so hard to capture the true colours ...

Come on over and get more inspiration from our gifted design team ...

Here in Mauritius, it's time to batten down the hatches. We have a cyclone heading straight for us ... and will be closest sometime tomorrow. Cyclone Berguitta has been taking her time to come. We have been Class 3 warning all day, and have been stuck at home while howling winds and driving rains continue outside. We've been safe so far and still have electricity, but there are parts of the island that have been without all day.

We've had deluges of rain every day this year (not had much sun at all!). That has made the ground very soggy and could result in so much more damage.

* Update on the cyclone (Thursday 18 January, 11pm) : We spent 2 days in Class 3 and the cyclone came within 25km of the east coast. A tremendous amount of rain and a lot of wind, but as the cyclone weakened, there was not nearly as much destruction as there could have been. I know a lot of areas have been flooded, and areas without electricity - but personally we were VERY lucky and have minimal damage. Just small branches over the garden and all our mangos and avocados are off the tree.
Schools will remain closed tomorrow as there are a lot of roads that are still impassable and flood damage in many places.
A few more pictures ... beaches on the east coast got a real hammering. Some of them lost a lot of beach sand.

The closest point to Mauritius.


  1. lovely cards, Janet - and pray that you stay safe in that awful weather.

  2. Sorry to hear about the nasty weather, Janet! Hope you're spared any damage!! Just love your bday cards with glimmery presents!!

  3. Janet - saying prayers that you are spared from damage and stay safe! Love your gorgeous cards.

  4. I keep my fingers crossed so that the cyclone will bypass you with a very wide arc. I will be waiting for more news from you, and I want them to be good.
    Thank you for showing us the next beautiful cards.
    See you soon, let me know and bring you good news.

  5. I have a friend who was visiting her daughter in Houston, Texas, during the hurricane and flooding. I called her to ask how they were faring. She said they had plenty of glue, paper, dies, cutters and lots of supplies that did not require electricity so they crafted away and made it through the dark night! The flood-waters stopped just one block short of their home! We had a wonderful laugh at the mental picture of them crafting away by lantern...they made some pretty nice cards, too! :) SO...WITH MY PRAYERS ADDED TO MANY, I hope you have safety and are spared damage and, perhaps, will make some 'nice cards, too'! ♥


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