Sunday, 22 July 2018

M for Mom

It's not so easy doing the watercolour alpha painting.  I started with the large Monogram and chose M for my mother. 

I used to pick a letter M from the fonts on my computer. Absolutely love this website. Saves me so much time when trying to choose fonts. You type in the the letter, word or phrase that you want, and it shows that in all the fonts on your computer. Simply marvellous. 

This is my second attempt.

I added the blue-grey shadow line, and then added a gold one using Delicate Gold refill as paint. Sentiment is from Penny Black.

This is my first attempt ... used too much water. Not sure if I laid down too much to start, or whether my paint was too watery. So the paints ran into each other and got some brown spots. Also not so keen on the "blooms" either. All a learning curve. 



  1. I'm doing the class too. Wow, wow, wow - thanks for - never knew!

  2. Looks beautiful, Janet! Perfect card for your mom!! I'm not doing that online class - looks like fun though!


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