Sunday, 22 July 2018

Watercolour Landscape

My landscape scene for the OCC Simply Watercolour course.

Since I'm on a tropical island, I thought I'd go with a sea scene. One of our beaches is called "Roches Noires" (Black Rocks). I'm trying to convince my mother to come for a visit in September or October, so the sentiment is to encourage her to make plans.

Here are some photos of the beach ...


  1. Oh my what a true representation of the beautiful beach, you are very talented. I'll come if your mum doesn't want to!!!!lol

  2. This is really beautiful Janet! My mom is coming to visit us end of August!She will be travelling with us when we return from our yearly visit to SA. Can't wait!

  3. Very picturesque - as your home obviously is! Great little scene.

    Cath x

  4. It's beautiful Janet! Well done!

  5. Very beautiful Janet, I love how you personalised the homework.

  6. Wow Janet, your sea shore scene is so beautiful!
    If I would get such a nice invitation card - I would definitely come! ;-)
    Greetings from Wiebke (KomMa-designed)

  7. WOW! You really captured the beach scene perfectly. I want to try a beach now :). Thanks for the inspiration!


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