Tuesday, 23 September 2014

2 Cards 1 set

I only recently discovered Darnell's NBUS Challenge (Never-Before-Used Schtuff!), which for someone with "buy-online-itis" like me is just perfect. I could be playing in this challenge for weeks without using the same set twice. I am so far behind in inking up my newbies.

So for my first entry, I just entered my most recent card using new stamps. But I had skim-read the challenge and had totally missed an added little optional challenge :

1. Christmas
2. Use the same stamp in 2 ways
3. Both of the above
4. None of the above

I guess my first entry was actually option 4.

But option 2 is my favorite. I LOVE finding more than one way of using a stamp.

So this here are my 2 :
- the first : crisp and clean in ordered colours using Hero Arts dye inks (in my challenge colours of orange, etc) ...

- the second : a watercolour, artsy effect with random colour using Distress Inks spritzed with water (in my go-to colours of blue and green). Love this! Like a peacock.

Which style do you prefer?


  1. They are both lovely in it's own way!

  2. Hi Janet both cards look great!! But personally I like the clean and crisp inking of the first one better because of the stamp design.

  3. Oh fabulous Janet. Love how these have two very different feels. Great take on the NBUS challenge.

  4. How fun, Janet! Thank you for using the option! I, too, love the whole idea of either making two cards every time you make one (I rarely do it!) or, better yet, making two cards every time you make one, but switching it up a bit like you did here!

    I like them both, honestly. I lean towards the second one for the same reason you do ~ the colors. I'm so much more into blues/greens than I am anything orangish. I like the perfect color placement and I like the random color placement equally! However, I like the placement of the sediment better in the first one, down close to the design.

    Mostly I like that I motivated you! I suffer from that same itis and I think lots of us do! Thank you for playing again in my NBUS Challenge!! Hugs, Darnell

  5. Both are great, i love the crisp of the orange and the colors on the blue. I tend to lean towards blues and greens myself! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I think that itis is catching, I've got it too! Love them both, but the grungy DI one is my favourite :)


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