Sunday, 10 March 2013

New & Improved

When I see my cards on screen it gives me a different perspective. I see things that I didn't when it was in front of me ... especially the balance and design. So here is one of the cards I made for the Hero Arts flickr group scramble - and always in a bit of a rush for those. 
Looking at it on screen, I didn't like the space created by the smaller font of HAPPY. So I stamped another.
Better. But now I didn't like the 3 gems which cut the flow of the diagonal. So I moved them.
 But now there is too much space on the right. So filled it up with more happiness!

The new and improved version!


  1. I love your coloured panel Janet so pretty and I agree with your last version, I like the added gems and the double Happy!

  2. LOVE the evolution of this - and lest we forget, that cool, rich panel of colour that must have taken some time and effort, and which you didn't mention at all! lol!

  3. Wow, you had me at the first version because I love the colour behind the white paisley design, but when I see how you improved the overall balance I am really impressed. I want to go and make a coloured panel like that.

  4. Janet, thanks for showing the progress of your card and what your eye saw. This was a great teachable card of balance. Guess I need to look at my cards with a different view. I love the embossed area and color. This is such a rich, beautiful card. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Loved the inking and the before, but those little changes you made do make a difference. You have a good eye!


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