Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Bee Happy

One day behind already with the Clean & Simple 2 online class, but one can jump in anytime one wants. The luxury of online classes.

Day one focused the craftmanship ... making sure everything was clean & crisp .... no smudges, wonky lines, etc. We were treated to 3 videos with great tips and techniques. Homework was to use one of the 4 sketches, based on the class cards, as a jumping off point. I will try to play with all 4 sketches, but here is my first.

One of the things I've noticed when I post my cards online, is that I see my card with a different perspective. I was very happy with my card - I aligned my sentiment with the bottom of the flight dots. It was only when I photographed it that I felt the sentiment looked too low. So I changed it!

What do you think? Does that quarter of an inch make that much difference ?


  1. Super cute card!
    I do like the placement of the sentiment better after you moved it up a bit. It feels like that is the right spot! :-) xx


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