Tuesday 26 February 2019

Bouncing with happiness!

The CASology Challenge has the cue word of BOUNCE this week!

For when you're so happy for someone, you're jumping for joy and bouncing about! Or at least I am!

And here it is in action ...

Bounce along and visit the lovely DT blogs and see what they are bouncing about.
If you would like to see the steps I took to make this card, you can keep going ...

Step 1 : Stamp your image on the insert page. This will have to be narrower and shorter than the front of your card.  I cut out a strip from each side to leave a "blocker" tab at the bottom so that it will not escape from the card.

Step 2 : Stamp the image that will be moving on a separate piece of paper, and cut it out.

Step 3 : This is the front of the card. I had laid the insert on the front of the card and marked in pencil where the insert card will be moving, and the maximum height I wanted it to go (where the blocker tabs must stop). Lay down double sided foam tape on the side and bottom edges making sure it will not go in the place where the insert page goes.

Step 4 : Lay the insert page in the space.

Step 5 : Here you can see how the blocker tabs will stop when it hits the foam step at the top. In fact, I made my tabs a little wider as I felt there was too much wiggle room.

Step 6 : Make the top layer of your card. In my case, I needed it exactly the same size as the card. [If you want a border around the top layer, then you need the foam tape on the card front to NOT go to the edge, as described on the previous step].You need to make a cut out "groove" where the movement will take place.  I don't have one of the die sets that do this so I just used a tiny tag die. After taking the photo, I actually made it a little longer by turning the die around, keeping it in line and cutting a little higher so that I had more space for movement.

Step 7 : Peel off the paper on the foam tape on the card front, and stick the top layer on the card. It was actually at this point that you can stick the small square of foam tape at the bottom of the movement groove.

Step 8 : Stick your image that will be moving on the foam dot. [I had put double sided foam on the edges of my hedgehog - but did NOT take off the tape. This keeps it level, but allows it to slide easily.) Voila!


  1. This is brilliant! I love your Happy Bouncy hedgehog and a clever technique. A wonderful tutorial thank you...on the must try this list mow.!

  2. Awww...this is such a darling card, Janet! I love how you added 'action' to your design, too...super fun idea!

  3. Absolutely adorable, Janet.

  4. Love this card, Janet! So adorable - great touch with the "bounce" mark - and the toss of flowers!

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