Tuesday, 5 September 2017

CASology #265 : Education

The first person who gets to educate us is our mother! And our fathers too. And this quote is certainly true. I'm sure you have found yourself saying what your mother has said ... whether the words are good, bad or funny! Then it's your turn to listen to your children repeat your words.

What do you find yourself saying and thinking, "That's what my mother always said"?

Come on over and join in the CASology : Education Challenge.

You can always get more inspiration from our gifted design team ...

Guest Designer : Shona C


  1. What an perfect quote for the challenge, Janet! It is perfect surrounded by the lovely floral images!

  2. Just love the delicate flowers and that fun, oh-so-true, quote, Janet!!

  3. So true...and such a lovely take on the cue card, Janet! I love your pretty pink blooms, too!

  4. Absolutely fabulous card! Running a little behind due to Irma...but it is hard not to comment on a perfect card!


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