Friday, 25 August 2017

Birthday Tribute Board

I have finally finished (and delivered) my tribute board for my SIL's 50th Birthday. My brother had asked that we give something that shares something about her ... words, poem, song, etc. Well, nobody likes my singing, and I'm not that good with words, but I can play with paper, ink and stamps.

Even though we live so far away from each other (Canada to Mauritius), she has a special place in my heart. I may not know her as well as those who see her regularly, but these things inspired the tribute board :
  • She mostly wears black and white, so I knew I wanted those as the main colours
  • She had daisies in her wedding bouquet and loves nature so used flowers and leaves dies
  • She is creative and has painted in the past, so I used watercolour
  • She is fun and enjoys games and taught me the dice game
  • She is a psychiatrist, good communicator and says, "Do you want to talk about it?", so I have used printed book pages on the background under the paint; word pattern paper and frame and the speech bubbles
  • Family and love are very important to her ... and she is part of mine, so the framed heart
  • I used the green acrylic jewels because she is a gem, and her engagement ring is an emerald
  • The autumn maple leaf to symbolise Canada
  • The guinea fowl feather because she loves guinea fowl and we went to a game reserve nearly every time the family came across to South Africa
  • She loves to travel, so have the world map
  • She and her family is musical with wonderful singers and players so stamped some notes
  • A smooth stone  - again for nature, and she was the one who first shared special stones with me

[ I was inspired by Shari Carroll's Tribute Canvas. ]


  1. This is truly a stunning piece of artwork and areal tribute to your SIL. Such a lot of hard work and love have obviously gone into creating this and I am sure she will be thrilled with it!

  2. what a wonderful way to celebrate your SIL's birthday - she will be thrilled!

  3. Amazing, Janet - a masterpiece of crafting and so thoughtful!!

  4. What a special gift for your SIL. I'm sure she will treasure it forever. Enjoy your day.


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