Tuesday 8 December 2015

Advent Colouring 1-8

I am following Ann Voskamp's Advent readings in Unwrapping the Greatest Gift. Such a beautiful book with a rich messages each day each showing us how God has reached out to us from the beginning.

There are 2 versions : a colourful, beautifully illustrated one for the family, and a smaller one with the same "ornament" illustrations in white and kraft - ever so pretty too.


When you buy the book, you get access to the printouts of the ornaments. Last year, I made the white ones for my mother in law. This year, I decided to print the ones to colour. Will give me a both a quiet moment to reflect on the message of the day and to practice my Copic colouring.

I will post as I go along... here are the first 9 days.

I think I will mount them on the red cardstock as it will make them pop - or would a blue be better? I wanted the backing to be blue as the accompanying message has blue in it. I had so hoped to find a double sided paper to do the trick, but no luck.

So which is it to be?

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  1. I will be checking this book out it sounds fabulous as is your coloring!!! I like the blue background, but then I do favor that color more anyway. ;-) Thanks for sharing Janet!!!


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