Monday, 24 February 2014


I was so sorry to miss the Hero Arts Flickr Group scramble #78 last night, but I couldn't stay awake. Martha was hosting it, and her theme was Scraplings with layers. (Sue McGrae, aka Stampin Sue, had run scramble 17 with a Scrapling theme; and the word came from Shari Carroll who commented “It thrills me to pieces to see they are still being called Scraplings, way back when I named them, I didn't know what else to call them... they were scraps and darling, so I combined the words and Viola!” )

What is a Scrapling? (written by Stampin Sue)

The idea came about by trying to use up all the scraps we have in cardmaking. Specifically when you take a 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" card and cut off a piece to make a square greeting card you are left with a piece that is 1 1/2" x 4 1/4". With this piece and other "scraps" you have lying around you make a "mini" card. The size of the Scrapling is not written in stone, it is really a small or mini-sized version of a normal greeting card.

I think these would make wonderful bookmarks too. Could stick a piece of Magnetic strip on the back, and a metal circle on the back of the front. 

Here is my first one using one of the die cuts I made yesterday.

And my second, which I will also enter into the Moxie Fab World Happy for Hexagon Challenge, and the Retrosketch Challenge.


  1. Love the look of these scraplings cards. Thanks for the explanation as I was wondering where thisword came from. Its amazing the number of new words being produced within the crafting world, as I wander from blog to blog I come across new words and love the way someone has played with the original word to make a new one :) . Next thing you know someonewill have to write a crafting dictionary.

  2. Me again:) I forgot to mention how brilliant that die cut looks, cant imagine how hard it was to line up to get perfect different colours each side. Just perfect

  3. Wow the die cut one looks fabulous! And the second is really sweet Janet!!

  4. Love what you did wit the die, and these scraplings are soooo cute. I love the little cards.

  5. I love them both! great idea to use scraps and they'd be lovely bookmarks!

  6. Wonderful cards, and I love the idea that they have a dual purpose if turned into bookmarks as well!

  7. These super skinny cards are so cool, Janet!



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