Sunday, 26 January 2014


What do you do when you know you're going to be in front of the TV for the Australian Grand Slam finals ?

Grab some paper, your wonderful Envelope punch board & a bit of glue
And you punch up a whole lot of envelopes to match your cards!

And then for the tip of the week ... you emboss just the flap with a design that compliments the card.

I cut up ordinary coloured A4 printer paper that comes in a ream bought at the local supermarket. Works perfectly for envelopes. I also use the plain white too.


  1. Absolutely fabulous Janet! I love the combination of the envelopes that coordinate with your cards!

  2. Fabulous idea - and pretty cards!

  3. Love it! What paper do you use for your envelopes? I always think cardstock will be too thick (have the punch board, never used it for this reason! lol!) PS - Love that birthday card!!

  4. Your envelopes are so pretty! I love the embossed flap, too...great idea, Janet!


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