Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Stamp Storage

Susan at Simplicity was discussing storage and organisation of stamps.

My wood ones are on thin shelves organised in 5 major areas :
1. kids, people, animals, fairies
2. Christmas
3. Flowers
4. Words
5. Flourishes, scripts, sea and backgrounds

So easy to find things as they each have their place.

People, kids, animals, fairies on the left panel, Christmas on the right :

Flowers :

Words :

Background, flourish, scripts, sea, sports : 

My clear and cling collection are not so big, so they are in 2 shoe boxes with divisions : flowers, patterns, mixed messages (words and pictures), words, alphabets and Christmas.

I had started an inventory file, but got too bored stamping them all out  . . . I'd rather be creating. So I stopped.

And I'm happy.


  1. What awesome storage!!!!! LOVE the open shelves.

  2. Ohhh my gosh! I'm impressed by the organised all this!


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