Wednesday, 10 November 2010

5 Good Things

The practice of seeing the positive instead of the negative is something that needs an occasional reminder. The little book for a week of noting down our 5 Good Things each day that came from Whiskergraphics via the scrap RDV site was one that I could not resist. I plan on making many more!
What better gift for a happy life than to be thankful!


  1. You did an hard work this month for our Scrap RDV!!! Thank you so much Janet!!
    Your 5 Good things book is superb!!
    Have a nice day!!


  2. Wow! It's amazing!!! I love all you've added in the booklet to make it yours! Beautiful!

  3. Love that format!
    Thank you so much Janet!

  4. Love these colors and all of the little details on the inside! Such a great project AND great idea!

  5. What an extraordinary idea! I love this concept of noting five good things everyday and your lovely little book is so amazing. That should inspire some thankfulness...Wonderful!
    bless you!

  6. Such a good idea- I wish I had seen this earlier, it would have been a really fun project to make for christmas gifts. I'm gonna stash the idea away for next year!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and offering suggestions for my oops! I really like the suggestion of making holes through the paper and acetate and threading ribbon through to hold them. That would have looked perfect on my ribbon flower- going to have to try a take two on that card now when I get back from my trip!
    ps- I'm now a follower :)


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