Tuesday, 4 July 2017

CASology #256 : Pizza

This has been a challenge indeed ... besides not having any pizza stamps, there were no ideas flowing. I took the sentiment from SideSandwich on Etsy and typed it up adding some pizza clipart.

Pizza is one of my favourite foods, but since having to avoid wheat, it has been a challenge to find a good one! Anyone out there have a good wheat-free recipe?

[I apologise for the photo - it looks fine on my camera, photos and preview file, but as soon as I upload it, it goes out of focus.]

Come on over to CASology and join in the Pizza Challenge.

Guest designer : Maja

Sponsor : SugarPea Designs


  1. Love your cascade of pizza slices with this puny sentiment, Janet! Such a fun take on the cue card!

  2. very sweet, cute cas...fun too.
    xx Karen

  3. Such a cute card! I too Love pizza but can't eat it anymore due to a yeast and dairy allergy. :( have you tried a cauliflower crust? I've heard it's good and not so good - Sounds odd to me but I may give it a try.

    1. Yes I have tried the cauliflower crust ... delicious, but cauliflowers are very expensive in Mauritius.


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