Sunday, 1 December 2013

My Kusudama Ball

Loved the Kusudama ball on Annabelle Stamps Blog. When I saw it I just had to make one, and just below the photo, instructions started with the first fold. I rushed off to get a square of paper and immediately started following the instructions (without reading to the end first!). I got to the end of folding the first sheet, and it said that made ONE petal. 

And you need 5 petals to make one flower.

And you need 12 flowers to make the ball.

So I only had 59 to go!!  I just laughed at myself because I had used a 6"x6" square, and  that meant I would need 15 sheets of 12"x12" paper. So my one petal sat on my table for a couple of weeks ... but I couldn't resist it ... so I just started folding, and here it is!

Made with Fabscaps and Magenta papers and Hero Arts dots.


  1. This is gorgeous Janet, and so worth using all that paper!!

  2. Oh, that did require a lot of paper but as Cinnamon Sally said, so worth it. It's gorgeous!

  3. This is gorgeous Janet and don't you feel so proud of yourself for finishing, I know I did lol!
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    Andrea :)


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