Thursday, 13 June 2013

Come Fly with Me

Where I play with paper and inks, my mother creates with flowers. I have no card to show today as I'm away visiting my mother. But I went to her flower demonstration morning with the theme "Come Fly with Me". Each hostess decorates her table. My mother and aunt did ours .... we flew to China.

Here we are, from L to R, my mother, me, my aunt

I loved this English garden table 
 My mother loved this one

Once we'd had our tea, the demonstrators (all chic as air hostesses) took us to their destination. They even made planes ....

Absolutely amazing. Helen took us to Monet's garden in Girverny, Paris. Not only creating, but keeping up an informative and fun discourse at the same time.
And some close-ups of the wonderful details 

Vaughn took us to the Philipines with the vibrant colours

And Clasina took us to the city of angels ... Los Angeles ... look at the angels hanging at the back.

And now comes the part that made me gasp .... after 2 hours of work resulting in such beauty, IT WAS ALL DISMANTLED!!! Can you imagine that?! So glad I captured it on camera to preserve some record of it, but photos are nothing to the real beauty. I don't know how these ladies do it. Can you imagine crunching and binning your card or scrapbook page a few minutes after creating it?

When I get back home, I'll definitely be making some cards inspired by these flower arrangements.


  1. Wow! these pictures are gorgeous Janet! The hard work that went into the amazing tables is incredible. So glad you shared this with us!

  2. Wow - what a fantastic event, and the flower arrangements are spectacular! I imagine you've come away with 'bunches and bouquets' of new inspiration for our cards! Thanks for sharing these - they're really day-brighteners!!

  3. I can't imagine dismantling those displays! Wonderful event, I love your mom's table!

  4. Thanks for taking me with you to this journey!! I absolutely enjoy all the beautiful photos of the spectacular flowers arrangement/display! Your mom's table is stunning! Thank goodness you took photo before they took the display apart!

  5. My goodness. Spectacular arrangements.


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