Sunday 5 May 2013

Having fun on NSD over at Big Picture Classes. Finished the first challenge of my I-list. Skipped the second. The third is to create a bucket list for summer ... the things you want to do.

Well it's autumn down here and I don't really have a bucket list for winter. But I do need a list for my everyday TO DO list. 

I remember reading a great tip for getting things done ... decide on the top 3 priorities of the day and get those done. Well I gave myself space for six - great expectations! I put in a layer of acetate on top of the graph paper so I can use a whiteboard pen and write a new list everyday. 

Made it into a folder so I can slip it in my bag if need be without the pen being wiped off ... or it makes a great stand on my desk as a reminder.


  1. Such a fun idea Janet! I just might have to make one of my own--thanks for the inspiration--and good luck gettin' things done!

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