Friday 4 May 2012

Distress Markers

I got my Distress Markers yesterday. Yay! Had to create a tester, so got out all things Distress and filled in a new chart. Which can be found at Ranger (here - scroll to the bottom) if you want to make your own. The zig zag horizontal stamp is using the inks, the spots are the stains and the vertical zig zags are the markers.

I haven't played much yet, but I noticed 2 things straight away :

  • The marker lids are not always a good match on the true colour (or even match the Distress Inks and Stains Labels). Shabby Shutter looks almost identical but slightly darker than Crushed Olive. Tea Dye and Rusty Hinge are also difficult to distinguish. Walnut Stain is not nearly as dark as the real thing.
  • Most of the colours are perfect, but Shabby Shutters is almost the same as Crushed Olive; Tea Dye and Rusty Hinge too. And Walnut Stain is not the same tone or dark enough. I will need to play them more to see if it makes a difference on my projects.

Mine did not come in the container as it reduced shipping considerably. So I needed to make one. Luckily I had an almost empty cocoa tin with plastic top, which I could use to click on the bottom so I don't get any future rust marks (living in a humid tropical climate!).

In order to keep them in the same sets that I have in my distress inks, I decided to use ribbon separators.
 Stamped a background in the softest colour in each of the ranges.
 Added 2 more images in 2 more colours.

 Decided to add the distress stains to match on ribbon. Such fun!
 Add a punch of Picket Fence on each join of colours to give lighter tones.
Et voila! Handy container that gives you examples of the colours all in one place. (You can see my stacks of Distress Inks in the background)


  1. Hi Janet your distress markers containter project is a jaw dropper!!! It is so beautiful and practical too! Thanks so much for sharing. May I ask what kind of adhesive did you use to mount the decorative paper onto the container?

    1. Cindy - I used Glue Lines to glue the ribbon down. Really sticky stuff and works a dream. Then I used a really good quality double-sided tape (from South Africa) to stick the paper.

    2. Thanks for answering my question Janet. Happy National Scrapbook day/weekend!

  2. Thanks for sharing your findings with us. I'm always curious about new products. I've been Copic collecting so I'm staying away from these just now. Maybe once you start your projects I'll have to reconsider!

  3. Wow Janet I love your container, so pretty and so practical..

  4. Thanks so much for the link and for sharing your lovely project.

  5. nice idea for the container. loved it.

  6. love your new header! the container is great, sad i didn't have a better look at it yesterday. great lid idea! i've already made a card with my new set, thank you!

  7. What a fun idea! Great way to display all the colors!


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