Wednesday 27 July 2011

Brotherly Blogs

So excited to find my youngest brother join the blog world with exactly one dash. Wish I could find that wonderful photo of him as he dressed up to serve us a delicious middle eastern dinner about 10 years ago! 

As he puts it so well in his "about" . . . 
  "variably employed actor, part-time amateur cook, full-time father, husband and sports fan. soft spot for shoes, hats and polonecks. but this is not about shoes, hats and polonecks, it is more about food and putting different kinds of it together. in a way that isn’t too strict or anything.
it also might be about other stuff. like funny stories or free thinking. or saving the planet or theatre, or both. or possibly about sport or south africa or MAYBE polonecks and other things i like. but mostly food i think.
because i never record or remember whatever recipe i’ve just created or amalgamated or botched. so this is a space for those discoveries, variations and schoolboy errors. i am not very good at measuring things out. i am a big fan of the pinch, the splash, the sprinkle. the trusty handful. the mighty dollop. the relaxed improvisation in cooking, or the fearless experiments and adaptations means no meal is ever exactly the same as it was before. like theatre. i’ve always enjoyed scouting a range of recipes, and then absorbing various elements i like into something new. preferably always with good, fresh ingredients. but i’m no chef. this is not ballroom cooking. it is dancing on your own to van morrison singing into a wooden spoon cooking. sort of thing. it is not being afraid to look a bit stupid cooking. ideally with shoes you can dance in, a hat and a poloneck."
So perhaps I will try my hand (with a dash and dollop here and there) with his first recipe of Harira!

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  1. Just wanted to say "hello" and "thank you" for your wonderful projects @ Scrap RDV!

    Cheers ~


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