Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Greek Inspiration

This is done in the nick of time. I think that Vicky's idea of being inspired by photos from around the world is just too good to miss. (See Around the World Challenge and you can vote for your favourite by clicking on ONE star above the chosen one) This time it's Greece and here's the photo

 So my thoughts were . . . blue domes . . . white, white, white . . . and windows. So my take on this is :

I still haven't got photos taken at night right, so I took another one in daylight which shows the colours better

And you can see the window better here


  1. Great, have voted for you, you, you!
    ps is 'Anonymous' the only way to vote if one doesn't have a blog? What is a URL?
    pss have tried to become a 'follower' without success.

  2. I'm not too clued up with this blogging / comments / voting business but I'll ask Vicky who seems to be the expert. I thought one just clicked on the star above the picture. There is a FOLLOW button in the right column of my blog. I presume you just click it. No idea what the URL is or does.

  3. Great interpretation of Vicky's challenge, love the sentiment and the placement of your butterflies leaving so much white space on the card, very nice!

  4. Just a note - voting is done on Vicky's blog, not mine. Click on the link "Around the World Challenge" and it will take you there.

  5. So cute and creative! love your thought process, the window is great.

  6. yours is simply the best, caroline


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