Wednesday 13 January 2010


I knew about inchies, but I've now I know about twinchies - 2" x 2" squares - (or at least the "word" as I made a layout 2 years ago without knowing I was using them!).  Gives you just that little bit more space to create.  And once I'd seen a rainbow display, I just had to make one. 

A great way to use up all the bits left over from other projects. If you're anything like me, you have tons of leftovers because you can't throw anything away.  I will be holding a twinchie morning once a month and we can do swops.  I plan on creating a LARGE display of about 200 twinchies, so come and play.


  1. Wow!!! You are just too clever...I love the twinchies.

  2. Ooh, your rainbow frame looks really fabulous!


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